Pregnancy Services

Pregnancy is one of the greatest joys women face. However, if your pregnancy is unexpected, you may not be feeling a lot of joy right now. You may feel scared, alone and confused about what to do. This is a natural response and we understand.  Someone may be pressuring you to do something you are not comfortable with or your fears of experiencing a difficult pregnancy are overwhelming you. Perhaps you are excited to be pregnant, but are anxious about the fact that this pregnancy may result in additional challenges in your life and you need direction and encouragement.

Maybe this pregnancy is not at all an unwelcome event but, in fact, something you have been waiting to experience.  It may be your first pregnancy and you are overwhelmed with trying to sort out all the information you have found on the Internet.

Whatever your response to the news of a positive pregnancy test, WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

If you have made the choice to continue with your pregnancy, we are excited for you and we hope that you will grant us the opportunity to help you through this journey.

Taking care of your body and maintaining a healthy pregnancy is of utmost importance.

Testing & Ultrasounds

To help you take care of your body and have a healthy and positive pregnancy experience, you need to know about nutrition, development stages of the pregnancy, exercise, emotional health and what you can and cannot take during pregnancy. At your first visit to our center, our nurses will briefly discuss these things during your initial visit. Additionally, you will be offered to enroll in our My 9 Months Care Program throughout your pregnancy (select the red button on the bottom of this screen for more information).  By participating in this program, you will continue to get more of the important prenatal education you need and you will receive baby at each visit.

My 9 Months is not to be substituted by pre-natal care.  It is extremely important that you obtain pre-natal care as quickly as possible. However, this programs works to enhance your pregnancy experience.

Upon receiving a positive pregnancy test, our center may be able to offer you a limited obstetrical ultrasound. The purpose of our limited ultrasound is to determine viability of the pregnancy (presence of a heartbeat, pregnancy within the uterus and an estimated due date.) Our ultrasound is not diagnostic and cannot help you determine the health or sex of your baby, but it will provide you with your first glance at the life growing inside you.  As with all services at the PHCOL, ultrasounds are free of charge.

Call us today to schedule an appointment – we are ready to serve you!

Let our caring staff provide you with the following services:
Pregnancy screening
Limited Obstetrical ultrasound
Information about pregnancy options
Pre-natal and agency referrals
My 9 Months Care Program
local doctors you may call for Prenatal care:
Dr. Kaywin Carter and Dr. Dixie McClendon Coker
along with Lauren Manley, NP; Sapphira Clark, NP; and Crystal Smith, NMW
936.6316725     *     Accepts Insurance & Medicaid (Superior)
Dr. Johnson and Karol Brown, NP
903 South John Redditt Drive
936.634-6636     *     Accepts Insurance & Medicaid (Superior)
Dr. Rachel Sullivan  and Crystal Sepulvado, NP
1105 W. Frank Street; Suite 200
936.631.6771     *     Accepts Medicaid (Superior)
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